All of the photography viewed on DisneylandLive, and in the Disneyland Photo Reports are all, unless otherwise noted, copyrighted and produced by myself, Bryan Pugh.

The photography found throughout DisneylandLive, unless noted, can be used for non-commercial purposes, that is:

  • Shared across other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (ect.)
  • Shared on other non-commercial blogs and websites
  • Shared on non-commercial discussion forums

The intent of opening my photography up for non-commerical sharing is to serve archival purposes for discussion, and is not for the reproduction of posts, news articles or blog entries. Such reproduction is considered plagiarism and a violation of these terms and photo copyright. 

You may not mass re-post the photos in discussion threads or on non-commercial blogs and websites. Websites, blogs, social media accounts, and discussion boards who’s members re-post in mass, or who plagiarize written material, will be considered in violation of this policy and the owners of such websites may be subject to damages.  

Non-Commercial Use Definition

So what do I mean by “non-commercial”? Basically, if you are the owner of a website, news outlet, staff writer of an entity who’s sole purpose is to generate revenue, then you are considered commercial. It is important to take note, I will not provide you access to model releases for some photos in which you may find on this site. If you are a commercial site, this could effect you if you choose to use them without such permission.

I do have some requirements and limitations if you choose to use my photos for non-commercial use.


  1. Link to
  2. Credit the photo to “Bryan Pugh” as the photographer directly underneath each photo used. 
  3. Do NOT remove any watermarks found on the photograph.
  4. Do NOT alter, crop, or re-edit the photo in any way. All non-commercial use must be used “as is”.

I realize that social media is a bit different. Do your best to apply credit to the photo shared. I can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Commercial Use

Photography is an expensive and time consuming process. The art requires specific skills, which can take years to perfect. If you would like to utilize ANY of my images for promotion of your business, in articles of any type, or on a revenue generating web site, then a licensing fee for each use will be assessed.

For more licensing information please contact Bryan Pugh.