Knott’s Berry Farm will celebrate Ghost Town’s 75th anniversary next summer with a new interactive experience, refurbishments and more!

The Sheriff's Office will come to life for 'Ghost Town Alive' during the 75th anniversary of Ghost Town at Knott's Berry Farm. Photo: Bryan Pugh The Sheriff’s Office will come to life for ‘Ghost Town Alive’ during the 75th anniversary of Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm. Photo: Bryan Pugh

Ghost Town Alive! will be an all new experience for the Summer of 2016. This new interactive experience will bring Ghost Town to life as a working, functioning town. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with the residents of Ghost Town and walk inside their favorite ‘peek in’ locations such as the Sheriff’s Office and the Barber Shop. Once inside the Sheriff’s Office, guests can play cards with Ghost Town’s Sheriff and join a side of that day’s interactive story. You could end up on a wanted poster depending on what side you choose! The Ghost Town Barn will also become a working horse stable for 2016!

Each day a different story will unfold throughout Ghost Town as guest can pledge their allegiance to the town’s bandits, or save the day along side cowboys. Each day will end with a town wide celebration.

The Calico Stage will also be rebuilt and relocated for the 75th anniversary. Now currently under construction, the new Calico Stage will be located across from the Calico Mine Ride, where the Screamin’ Swing was recently removed. The viewing area will be twice the size of the current stage’s, and Knott’s is developing an all-new show which will launch in the summer of 2016. The current Calico Stage location, between the Saloon and the Train Station, will become Calico Park. A shaded area for guests to relax and enjoy small live performances. And speaking of the Calico Saloon it too, along with the Wagon Camp, will receive refurbishments and new show preparations for the Summer of 2016.

Concept art for the new Calico Stage at Knott's Berry Farm Concept art for the new Calico Stage at Knott’s Berry Farm

The wooden roller coaster GhostRider, which closed for a major refurbishment in September, will also reopen in time for the 75th anniversary. The refurbishment includes a complete wooden re-tracking of all 4,533 feet of track, new Millennium Flyer coaster trains designed to look like mining cars, a removal of the mid-course braking run, and a new smooth magnetic braking system.

Panning for Gold, which was moved from it’s original location in 1998 when GhostRider was constructed, will return to it’s original, larger location as well.

A current look at the GhostRider refurbishment. These photos were captured in late October 2015:

Over at the Market Place, Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant will also receive a complete remodel. The original concept of a “tea room” will remain as the entire restaurant will receive fresh refurbishments and upgrades. Guests will be greeted by a new welcoming lobby and a full service bar, which will replace the existing garden room. Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant will also feature a new waiting system which will alert diners via text messaging when their table is ready. All of the restaurant’s furniture, flooring, lighting and decor will also receive renovations and the kitchen will be completely modernized.

Knott’s Berry Farm offers the following description of the new dining rooms:

Throughout the restaurant’s four main dining rooms and two banquet rooms, all furniture, flooring, lighting, and décor will be renovated. The large dining room to the right of the main entrance will be remodeled with a look inspired by Mrs. Knott’s kitchen pantry, as the room will be adorned with a potbelly stove and nods to Cordelia’s home kitchen, evoking themes of warmth, family, and togetherness. The main dining room accessible from the courtyard entrance will be divided into two smaller dining rooms, with a theme inspired by farmhouse motifs.

For the first time, a new outdoor seating area on the restaurant’s north side will allow guests to dine al fresco with beautiful and unique views of the Marketplace fountain, the theme park’s Ghost Town, and the newly restored GhostRider roller coaster.

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant will close January 4 through Spring of 2016.

In recent years, Knott’s Berry Farm has seen a complete reconstruction of Camp Snoopy, beautiful refurbishments of both the Calico Mine Train and the Timber Mountain Log Ride, the opening of new rides along the Boardwalk, and the addition of the interactive attraction Voyage to the Iron Reef. The addition of Ghost Town Alive! and the major refurbishments and show additions announced for Ghost Town’s 75th Anniversary are exciting. 2016 should prove to be a great year for Knott’s Berry Farm!