The Ghost Rider, the massive 17-year old wooden roller coaster which stretches all the way out to Beach Boulevard, is set for a lengthily closure. The aging coster will close on September 8, 2015 for what Knott’s Berry Farm is referring to as a “comprehensive restoration”.

What’s not clear yet is the length of the closure or the plans that Knott’s has in store for the wooden beast, Knott’s is promising more information in November. Knott’s Berry Farm touts the Ghost Rider as the “longest, fastest, wooden roller coster on the West Coast”. Chances are when the Ghost Rider reopens it will be a lot smoother than it currently is, so if your looking to have your teeth shaken from your mouth one last time then you’ll need to ride before September 8, 2015.

Knott’s Berry Farm is also permanently closing the ridiculous, and up charging, “Screamin’ Swing” on September 8, 2015. The loud and obnoxiously unthemed pendulum swing ride sits on the graveyard of one of Knott’s Berry Farm’s more beloved attractions of the past, the Haunted Shack. The Screamin’ Swing towers 60 feet above Ghost Town and Charleston Circle bellowing hydraulic pressure sounds during each swinging motion. And if that’s not bad enough, guests have had to cough up an additional $5 to ride the carnival attraction since it opened in 2004. Not to many people will miss this ride, and we are very happy to see it go.

Knott's Berry Farm Screamin Swing

These announcements are ahead of next year’s 75th anniversary of Ghost Town. The Calico inspired Ghost Town was one of Walter Knott’s earliest attractions which recently received a throughout refurbishment of it’s own. Knott’s Berry Farm has seen many improvements since Matt Ouimet, the former Disneyland Resort President, took the helm of Cedar Fair, which owns Knott’s Berry Farm. In recent years Knott’s Berry Farm has seen the outstanding refurbishments of the classic Ghost Town attractions The Log Ride and the Calico Mine Train, as well as the addition of the Boardwalk and the Iron Reef attraction. The move to refurbish Ghost Rider and remove the towering Screamin’ Swing are welcome sights and we look forward to Ghost Town’s anniversary in 2016.