UPDATE: Grizzly Peak Airfield is now open. View a Photo Tour here.

Earlier this year, Condor Flats at Disney California Adventure quietly closed to receive a conversion from the original 2001 desert airfield theme into the National Parks inspired area, Grizzly Peak Airfield. The area is essentially an extension of the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area, and the theme for the Grand Californian Hotel, which serves as a backdrop for the two areas.

Those of you who have been following our Disneyland Photo Reports have been watching the conversion happen over these past few months. What once was mostly concrete and palm trees is now a more shaded, and (literally) green area. National Parks craftsman style lamp posts and signs are now visible throughout the area, complete with a large John Muir quote on one of the buildings which reads, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks“.

Grizzly Peak Airfield / Condor Flats Makeover

Grizzly Peak Airfield / Condor Flats Makeover © Bryan Pugh

Smokejumpers Grill Disney California Adventure, Grizzly Peak Ai

Smokejumpers Grill Disney California Adventure, Grizzly Peak Ai

Grizzly Peak Airfield is essentially a continuation of the wonderful Grizzly Peak Recreation area.  The Smokejumpers Grill was the first Grizzly Peak Airfield section to open in April.

The first completed section of Grizzly Peak Airfield, Smokejumpers Grill, opened in April. The restaurant pays homage to the parachuting firefighters of the National Forest Service. The restaurant serves build-your-own hamburgers.

While we have been busy watching the exterior portions of the refurbishment, Disney has also been hard at work updating the original projection elements to the popular E-Ticket attraction, Soarin’ Over California. The attraction has been upgraded with a new HD (possibly 4k) projection system, which should make the experience much more realistic.

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A new store will also open in Grizzly Peak Airfield this month, Humphrey’s Service and Supplies. The store pays “homage to the roadside stops of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s”. Guests will be able to purchase items for their trip throughout the Disneyland Resort, such as hats, clothing, essentials, and items themed to the great outdoors.

Grizzly Peak Airfield Construction

The shop formerly known as the Fly ‘n’ Buy will now become ‘Humphrey’s Service and Supplies’.

Grizzly Peak Airfield is the first major ‘land’ re-theme since the 2012 relaunch of Disney California Adventure which saw the opening of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street, along with major “placemaking” projects throughout the theme park.

UPDATE: Grizzly Peak Airfield is now open. View a Photo Tour here.