Disneyland Rivers of America Concept

The Rivers of America at Disneyland, along with it’s five attractions, have now closed for most of 2016 so that the development of Star Wars Land can begin.

The 14-acre Star Wars Land development will be located mostly in an area used for back-stage facilities, behind the Rivers of America. It will also take over the Big Thunder Ranch and part of the Rivers of America itself. When the new riverfront opens sometime in 2017 a ride on the Mark Twain, the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes or the Sailing Ship Columbia will be a lot shorter. Just how short, is yet to be seen. Also impacted will be the Disneyland Railroad, which will also be closed for most of 2016. During the construction of Star Wars Land the back river bank of the Rivers of America will see a total redevelopment, complete with railroad trestle bridges, waterfalls, and the relocation of the Settler’s Cabin and the Indian Village.

Disneyland has released concept art of the new banks of the Rivers of America which give us an indication of how the new area will appear.