The Disneyland Autopia has officially reopened following a four-month refurbishment. The original Tomorrowland attraction received a mostly cosmetic makeover.

Among the updates: The Attraction’s burnt orange paint, left over from the 1998 Tomorrowland re-theme, was updated to match the rest of the land’s new blue and white color scheme. Most of the ride vehicles updated with new paint and stylings, including Honda logos to reflect the new sponsorship of the attraction.

The 'Grandstand' ride queue has been repainted white and blue to match the rest of Tomorrowland

The track layout remains the same, as does most of the attraction’s signage seen throughout the ride. The ride vehicles also retained their gasoline engines as opposed to being upgraded to a more “futuristic”, clean energy option. The fumes and sounds of the gas engines still fill the ride loading and unloading area. The large screen, seen by guests as they wait in line on top of the grandstand style queue, was also updated and now features scenes from The Wonderful World of Disney Tomorrowland scenes.

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Autopia Reopens at Disneyland Featuring New Sponsor Honda
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  • Sebizzar

    I mean it all looks nicer, but gas cars still? In the world of “tomorrow”? Teslas have this ride beat! Tomorrowland as a whole has just been stale and in dire need of an upgrade for like the past 15 years.

    • Mark Daniel Baughn

      Except for the fact that, you know, Tesla style electric cars have extremely expensive battery packs that only last about 8 years on a road car. These small gas engines are cheap and easy to maintain. It’s likely even more environmentally friendly using small gas engines rather than toxic lithium ion or lead acid battery production and waste.

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