Elsa & Anna's Boutique, coming to Downtown Disney Anaheim in September

Elsa & Anna’s Boutique, coming to Downtown Disney Anaheim in September

The Downtown Disney store, Disney 365, will be closing August 25th to begin a transformation into a boutique based on the hit animated movie, Frozen.

When the store reopens on September 13th it will be renamed Elsa & Anna’s Boutique and will feature apparel, accessories and makeover opportunities based on the movie’s characters. Disney 365 is currently the same type of retail space, offering makeovers and apparel. The store will essentially be overlaid in a Frozen theme.

Disney hasn’t released specifics as of yet, only stating that Elsa & Anna’s Boutique will open “mid-September”. Disney 365 has been on the closure schedule between August 25 and September 13 and it appears we now know why. (Dates have changed, see updates below)

We will update this article when more information is released.

Anna and Elsa's Boutique at Disneyland

Anna and Elsa’s Boutique at Disneyland

Update (Sept 14, 2014) Disney 365 has yet to close for it’s transformation into Anna and Elsa’s Boutique. Disney did however take the time to update their blog post and graphic stating that the names would be reversed. The Frozen inspired boutique would now become Anna and Elsa’s instead of the originally announced, Elsa and Anna’s. Disney has yet to make any comments as to what the future of Disney 365 truly holds or as to a new timeline for the transformation. We will once again keep you posted as this story develops. 

Update (Sept 16, 2014). Okay here’s the latest: Disney is now stating that construction on Anna and Elsa’s Boutique will begin on September 22. The ‘Frozen’ inspired store will open on October 6, 2014.