Disneyland Photo Report for July 7, 2014

Welcome Back to the Disneyland Resort!

Alice in Wonderland opened this past week after a multi-month refurbishment which saw the external ‘vine’ track widened as well as some impressive new effects installed within the ride. The Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel preview has moved into the Magic Eye Theater, the Legends of Frontierland are taking over the land, and we check on New Orleans Square and the Club 33 expansion.


Alice in Wonderland

Disneyland’s Alice in Wonderland attraction closed in March 2014 for, what has turned out to be, a significant refurbishment. For the past five years Alice in Wonderland’s external ‘vine’ track feature was covered in tarps and scaffolding following safety concerns stemming from a work-related accident on Space Mountain in 2010. Although an accident had never occurred at Alice in Wonderland, Disneyland felt it necessary to take extreme measures to prevent a work-related fall from occurring. During the recent refurbishment, Imagineering implemented a wider ‘vine’ with edge decorations to help prevent such an incident from taking place. 

When Alice in Wonderland finally reopened this past week, guests were treated to a pleasant surprise. Walt Disney Imagineering upgraded nearly the entire attraction with projection technology. Complimenting the existing show elements and animatronics, the new projections help to immerse guests further into the Alice in Wonderland story. The final ‘Mad Tea Party’ scene also received a major upgrade which not only includes projections on multiple levels but also physical 3D elements.

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The new projections serve to compliment the classic dark ride animatornics and elements, not replace them … well done!


News of the new effects traveled quickly on Twitter and Facebook and within 30 minutes of park opening on Saturday, the wait time for Alice in Wonderland had already reached 30 minutes. 


Below you’ll find a full POV, high definition ride through of Alice in Wonderland and the new projection effects:


Guardians of the Galaxy Preview

The Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel preview has moved into the Magic Eye Theater. A rather large sign is now occupying the the space where the Captain EO Tribute sign was once located. The attraction posters have also been switched out. 

Disney has not official stated when Captain EO may return only stating that it is, “expected to return at a later date“.


Legends of Frontierland

Last week we told you about a new show which was scheduled to begin this week at the Golden Horseshoe review. The Legends of Frontierland will be an interactive show which tells the story of the people of Frontierland and the folks of Rainbow Ridge who are locked in a land dispute.

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By the middle of the week it had become clear that the Legends of Frontierland was not just for the Golden Horseshoe, but would occur throughout the land. Maps, a jail and a sheriff’s office have been installed throughout Frontierland.

Maps showing the locations of some story elements have been placed throughout Frontierland.  


The above map has these labeled as “Jail” and “Sheriff’s Office”.

Either the budget for this show is small or Disney has not yet completed the installation … I’m hoping for the latter. 


According to the map, this quite corner will soon become the “Hideout”.

Cameras have been set up on the corners of the Golden Horseshoe



The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage remains closed through September 27th.


Space Mountain reopened following a brief refurbishment. It appears the building has been cleaned in most areas, but still needs attention in others. 


New Orleans Square & Club 33 Expansion

The Club 33 expansion is in high gear and is expected to be completed in late July 2014.


I’m being told that this is not a new policy, however these signs were recently installed along the Disneyland Railroad.