Regular readers of our Disneyland Photo Reports know that New Orleans Square is nearly covered in construction tarps. The renovations have little to do with common guest space, but a complete transformation of the exclusive Club 33. However, when an existing shop, La Mascarade d’Orleans, reopens later this month (June 2014) it will feature new merchandise in a style which can be found in New Orleans’ French Quarter. When New Orleans Square first opened in the 1960’s, the eclectic shops carried a similar style of merchandise, however in recent years, La Mascarade d’Orleans has carried mostly Disney pins and Vinylmation. Something which would never been seen in the French Quarter.

Below are some photo examples posted on on the Disney Parks Blog:

What may be most exciting for some is the teasing of what appears to be the sale of vinyl jazz records. The post reads: “This quintessential location surely sets the tone for the New Orleans Square area and not just because of the jazzy music it offers.” Of course it is tough to tell if these are large vinyl sleeves or CD’s. 

Update: After looking a few of these titles up it appears that they are currently only availibe in CD format. (can you blame me for getting excited though?) 

An interesting move considering Disneyland recently changed over the Main Street music location, 20th Century Music, to a pin store

The changes to this merchandise location are a welcome one that I hope to see trend throughout the Disneyland Resort. Recently land specific merchandise has sprung up throughout the park, igniting Disneyland fans. The construction in New Orleans Square and the renovations of Club 33 are not without controversy, however. The beloved courtyard known as The Court of Angels has been allocated to the exclusive Club 33 and will no longer be open to general guests

Disneyland has not provided and exact reopening date for La Mascarade d’Orleans yet, only stating the shop will open “in a few weeks”. This would place the opening in mid to late June 2014.