Disneyland Photo Report for May 13, 2014 – Welcome Back to the Disneyland Resort!

Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure reopened this week at Disney California Adventure park and some of the rumors turned out to be true. The attraction received some great lighting updates in the “Under the Sea” scene and we have photos and a ride-through video to share with you. 

Disneyland closed the Main Street U.S.A. lockers on Monday to begin construction on a temporary First Aid location. All of this movement is in anticipation for the construction of a permanent back-stage walkway behind the east side of Main Street USA.

The newly launched park attraction and poster merchandise seems to be growing by the week, and we found more to share with you. The weather is heating up, some attractions have reopened and we take a look around the resort!

The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure officially reopened on Monday sporting some great improvements. Most of the upgrades involve new lighting in the “Under the Sea” musical scene. The whole room was repainted with black light paint and now glows with color. The ceiling is now nearly dark which helps keep with the “Under the Sea” environment. Prior to the changes, the ceiling, lights and pipes were quite visible above and distracting from the theme below. 

The “Kiss the Girl” scene also received some subtle updates. Ariel and Prince Eric now have realistic hair, a change from the shinny plastic hair.


New “friends” are visible on the ceiling and wall as you descend “Under the Sea”.


The “Under the Sea” scene shows major improvement. It’s amazing what a little black light paint will do!


The Ursula scene remains unchanged


In the “Kiss the Girl” and the final scene, Ariel and Prince Eric have received more realistic hair. Prior to the refurbishment both had plastic, shinny hair. The realistic, dry hair, is more appropriate for the above the sea scenes. 


Below you’ll find a full, HD ride through featuring the newly upgraded Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure at Disney California Adventure.


Over all the visual changes to Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure are great. Disney continues to tweak this attraction as it has seen many minor changes since its 2011 opening, nearly all for the better! 

Lockers, First Aid and Walkways

Disneyland closed the Main Street U.S.A. lockers on Monday. Inside, a temporary First Aid and Wish Lounge is being constructed. The moves are being made to facilitate the construction of a more permanent back-stage walkway which will be used to quickly usher guests out of the park during some of the most crowded times of the year.

For years Disneyland has done something similar through the west back-stage area of Main Street U.S.A. during the busy Holiday season, typically following the fireworks. A permanent, themed alley will provide a better guest experience than the un-themed back-stage alley currently being used. Although, MousePlanet is reporting this week that we will see nothing more than “Victorian themed fencing to reinforce the ‘feel’ of Main Street USA.” The area will also feature themed lighting, posters and background Music. 

The Main Street U.S.A. lockers are now closed, leaving no lockers available inside Disneyland park.


The timing here is interesting as this means there will be no in-park lockers available inside Disneyland during the upcoming Rock Your DisneySide 24-Hour Event. If you were planing to rent a locker for securing items, or to use one of those great charging lockers for your cell phone, you’ll be out of luck. Charging lockers are available on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure however. 

You can just make out the red cross under the white part of the sign below. This location will eventually serve as the temporary Disneyland First Aid location.


The First Aid and Wish Lounge will both receive work, but for now remain open.

Lockers are available in the Esplanade next to each park entrance, on Buena Vista Street and near Grizzly River Run

Buena Vista Street Lockers

Buena Vista Street Lockers

Grizzly River Run Lockers

Grizzly River Run Lockers


Attraction Merchandise

More attraction merchandise has appeared on Main Street U.S.A. Two weeks ago we showed you some great new “land” and Tiki merchandise and this week we found more based on attraction posters.

The first is a bit strange. It shows the same cup, front and back. One side displays the Monorail from Walt Disney World and the other the Matterhorn Bobsleds from Disneyland. I realize Disney is trying to keep costs down by making it marketable at both resorts, but this prevented me from making this purchase. I want to see this great new merchandise succeed but moves like this may skew sales. The rest look great and the plates are ceramic. 


Some great new Adventureland merchandise at the Adventureland Bazzar, but again, they represent Walt Disney World. At least here it isn’t a mix of the two resorts.


Around the Resort


The awning has been removed from the front of Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Café on Buena Vista Street.


The latest edition of the Buena Vista Street Bugle is out!


Grizzly River Run continues with its refurbishment. Such bad timing here. Two weeks ago we hit record temperatures and this week is forecasted to be near 100 degrees. 


The Space Mountain refurbishment has been pushed back again. The attraction was scheduled to close this past Monday, May 12th, but it wont close for a much needed refurbishment now until May 27th. The move will keep Space Mountain open during the DisneySide 24-Hour Event and prevent too many attraction closures from overlapping. Looks like Space will have to wait for a bath a bit longer.


Indiana Jones Adventure reopened this week.


Plaza Inn remains closed this week

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