Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort!

We took a few weeks off this month, and this week’s report is even a few days late – sorry about that. Halloween is winding down at Disneyland and Christmas is slowing popping up. Installation of the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort takes so long that most of the decor is typically installed before Halloween. This creates a strange clash of Halloween and the Holidays throughout the Resort. This is especially apparent on Main Street USA where Halloween banners and pumpkins fill the foreground of the emerging Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle. 

The Thor: The Treasures of Asgard meet and greet is a few days from opening. This past week some Annual Passholders have previewed the meet and greet and have also attended a free screening of the new Marvel movie, Thor: The Dark World at the Downtown Disney AMC. 

We’ll cap off this week’s update with a look around the Resort and a ride on the Sailing Ship Columbia.


Snow Covered Castle & Holiday Decor

Snow now covers Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. The decorations are not yet completed; most of the lighting has yet to be installed. Although a keen eye will notice lights already appearing in the bushes, trees and around the Partners statue in the Hub.

Over at Disney California Adventure, “a bug’s land” has received its typical Holiday makeover which consists of oversized bulbs and lights.

Preparation has begun for installation of the over-the-top Cars Land Holiday decorations. The star has been installed on the Luigi Leaning Tower of Tires and the utility poles along the opposite side of Route 66 have been installed. The poles are used to string garland across the road.

Soon the Cars Land billboard will be changed to wish visitors a “Seasons Speedings”  

View photos of the Cars Land holiday makeover from last year

While we’re in Cars Land it should be pointed out that the grass around the Cozy Cone Motel was recently replaced with fake turf. The new turf is quite noticeable and very vibrant. I spotted the change from Flo’s V8 Café across the street.

I’m not sure why this change was made. Some have pointed out that astroturf was quite popular in the 50’s and fits the roadside theme of Cars Land. Personally, I think it looks cheap and may have a problem with fading in the years to come.  Perhaps this change is a temporary one … we’ll keep and eye on it.

The real grass next to Sarge’s Surplus Hut remains.

THOR: The Treasures of Asgard

The newest Marvel addition to Innoventions opens to general guests on November 1, however some annual passholders have had the opportunity to preview the exhibit and meet and greet throughout this past week. During the previews there were reports of long wait times, despite relatively short lines. 

With the popularity of Marvel and the Iron Man Experience next door, guests who are planning to visit the Thor addition should expect a long and slow moving line.


“Thor: The Treasures of Asgard” is located inside Innoventions

The Sailing Ship Columbia

A quick photo tour of the Sailing Ship Columbia, “the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe”

Around the Resort

Some of the safety installations around a Fantasy Faire wall, which has typically been used for seating, have been completed. The area now includes a railing which will prevent guests from sitting in this location. The area has also quickly became a stroller parking zone.

On the Frontierland side, some rather ugly looking netting has been placed around the fence. Below you can see the transition from the Frontierland wooden fence to the Fantasyland brass fence – it’s pretty bad. 

Holiday Decorations in New Orleans Square

Christmas Decorations in New Orleans Square

Christmas Decorations in New Orleans Square

Ockoberfest continues this week at Bayside Brews in California Adventure. Special beers and food will be served throughout the week.

A new permanent Toy Story meet and greet has opened on Paradise Pier, near where the Maliboomer was once located. It’s nice to see something in this area, and the meet and greet is well done. However the line is routinely stretching back towards the designated smoking area, exposing guests and children to unwanted second hand smoke. It would be nice to see management address this problem quickly.

That’s going to do it for this week’s Disneyland Photo Report.  

I case you haven’t noticed, we have made some pretty big changes here on DisneylandLive over the past week. We launched our shinny, brand new, redesigned website! Our homepage is quite a bit different than what our long time readers have been use to. It is now broken up into sections, currently, News and Photography. We also have some other new and exciting stuff planned which we will begin to roll out over the next few weeks.

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See you at Disneyland!