Market House / Starbucks Construction

Disney has been hard at work creating theme specific Starbucks locations throughout each of the five domestic theme parks. When all of the construction is complete, the Disneyland Resort will have four total locations. The first to open was in June 2012 on Buena Vista Street at the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Café. The second will be on Main Street USA inside Disneyland, and the third and fourth will be located outside of the parks, in the Downtown Disney District.

Each Starbucks location is themed specifically to the area for which they are located, and have very little resemblance to the corner Starbucks you see in your neighborhood. The Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Café on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure fits seamlessly in the 1920’s Los Angeles neighborhood, simply serving premium Starbucks coffees. The location remains an extremely popular place for guests to purchase coffee, tea and pastries. It’s not uncommon for some guests to “park hop” to California Adventure and purchase coffee, then return to Disneyland and enjoy their day.

On Disneyland’s Main Street USA, the Market House, along with the collectable store Disneyana, closed their doors in early Spring 2013 for the expansion and installation of a Starbucks location. When the Market House reopens on September 25, 2013, it will have retained much of the same theme as the previous Market House, with the exception of size. The new location will take up both spaces once occupied by Disneyana and the previous coffee shop.

Disneyland Market House Starbucks Concept Art

Disneyland Market House Starbucks Concept Art

The inclusion of the Starbucks brand inside Disneyland has not been without controversy. There is a large number of Disney fans who feel the inclusion of a corporate brand on what is fashioned after the small town Walt Disney grew up in, is simply wrong. However, corporate brands and sponsorships have long been visible at Disneyland, dating back to the park’s opening in 1955. Many other sponsorships still remain such as, Dole, Coke, Microsoft, Brawny and Sylvania to name a few. The inclusion of Starbucks replaces the less than premium Nescafé coffee which was previously sold at the Disneyland Market House. Although the tradition of free refills will more than likely come to an end.

The new Market House, serving Starbucks, will open at Disneyland on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.