New Fantasyland Theatre Sign
I made a visit to Disneyland last night to do some late night photography, and when I walked past the Fantasyland Theatre I noticed the new sign had been installed! For about a year, the Fantasyland Theatre has been under a major renovation to transform the once princess meet-and-greet location back into a stage show venue. The theatre, featuring the new stage show Mickey and the Magical Map, is set to open on May 25, 2013

The main structure of the sign has been in this location for years, what is new, is the two smaller signs on the structure and the floral detailing – see how the sign appeared a few weeks ago . What’s really nice is that Disney opted not to place a show title on the main theatre sign. Instead, Disney has gone with a classic design and a small sign off to the side (out of frame) which will showcase the show art and times.

A quick search on Flickr found what the sign looked like for the last show, Snow White An Enchanted Musical – yuck.

In the rear of the photo you can see the construction walls which still remain around the theatre.

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