On Wednesday, Disney announced the new 2013 parks promotion for Walt Disney World and Disneyland called “Limited Time Magic“, where guests can experience a different event each week throughout the year.  In order to demonstrate the concept of Disney magic seemingly appearing over night and quickly disappearing, Disney built a 25-foot tall, 15-foot wide ice castle in New York’s Times Square.  It took 12 hours to construct using 45,000 pounds of ice and a 15-ton crane, and within a few hours the castle was gone, melted by the October sun.

Around the castle, Disney added six vignettes which were made to represent a moment in time – a grandparent with a child, a child wearing Mouse ears, a family taking a portrait, a balloon vendor, a playable piano and more.  And of course Mickey, Minnie and their pals were on hand for the celebration

Watch the ice castle being constructed in Times Square with this time lapse video, and read more about Limited Time Magic.