Mortimer's Market - Buena Vista Street

Mortimer’s Market
Buena Vista Street, California Adventure

The level of detail work on Buena Vista Street is breath taking, but it is also quite easy for most guests to miss as well. So many visitors just hustle past Buena Vista Street, past the amazing scroll work, past the Red Car Trolley and past the storytelling to get to that other land back there.

Mortimer’s is your place to pick up a quick snack as you head down Buena Vista Street.  Bottles of water, juices, pop and fresh fruit, are laid out in wooden crates.  Mortimer McKenzie runs the place, described as a small man with a high pitched voice.  Mortimer was Walt Disney’s original name for his little creation which we all have come to love; Mickey Mouse.  It is said that Walt found inspiration for Mortimer when he met Mortimer McKenzie at his market.

The next time you’re at DCA take a few extra minutes to slow down and experience Mortimer’s Market.

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