Hundreds turned out to give the Carnation Plaza Gardens a glorious ‘send off’ last night at Disneyland.  The tight community of swing dancers, some of which who have been coming to this location for generations, showed up in such mass that crowd control was required.  The dance floor was packed all night, every chair from the nearby tables were removed and lined up along the railings.  On lookers lined the planters and watched as Disney history was made.  Even when the band took breaks, the dancing continued to recorded tracks.  The only time the dance floor stopped was when the Disneyland fireworks, “Remember…Dreams Come True” lit off behind us; immediately afterwords the dancing began again.

Stan Freese, the Director of Talent Casting and Booking for the Disneyland Resort and world renowned tuba soloist, took to the stage in the middle of the evening to encourage the swing dance community to continue the tradition when the event moves out to Downtown Disney next week.  The swing dancing will return to this historic location next year, although the area will look very different as the Princess Fantasy Faire.

The evening ended the way it began some 55 years ago, with a choreographed dance routine to “Date Nite at Disneyland”.