Yep you read that headline correctly; it is not uncommon that high capacity may force a closure of Disneyland to new visitors during this time of year. The good news: typically it is a temporary closure and once the park’s capacity reaches a more reasonable level, the turnstyles reopen.  So what is that magic number?  Only the Big Cheese knows that and he isn’t telling.  But there are warning signs we watch out for.
Disneyland Is Full

  • Handstamps are required for ALL guests:  This is aimed at the Annual Passholders, who typically are not required to have a handstamp.  In this situation Disney will place a sign at the entry and exit points to both parks informing guests that they need handstamps regardless of their ticket type.  This allows Disney to know who has already been inside the park and who is just showing up as a new entry, if they begin to restrict entry.  Confused?  See our article on Handstamps Explained.
  • Disneyland at Capacity or “Sold Out” Signs:  If those large illuminated signs around the parking lot entry points start to pop up and say that “Disneyland is Full”, “at Capacity” or “Sold Out”, then it is a good chance that they may start to restrict entry at some point.
  • Single Day Ticket Sales Stop: Before any soft or hard closures take place, the ticket booths will stop selling single day tickets.  Guests will still be able to purchase all other types of tickets and annual passes.
So what can you do if they start to restrict entry?  Typically the restrictions happen in the evening, as guests pour into the parks for the nightly shows, but it has been known to happen in the afternoon on very crazy days.  If you see any of these warning signs, or you hear from us on Twitter, Facebook or Google + that a temporary closure maybe a possibility, then try and avoid leaving the park.  It’s really that simple.  If you leave, there is no guarantee that you will get back in.  You may be allowed into California Adventure, but If you leave in the evening and guest entry becomes restricted, you will be forced to wait outside until the crowd levels drop again.  This could result in missing your favorite show as the large exits are seen following “Believe…in Holiday Magic” Fireworks, Fantasmic! and World of Color.
If any of these “warning signs” or a restriction goes into place, we will definitely let you know on our TwitterFacebook or Google + feeds.