Disneyland Resort President, George Kalogridis, took the stage at the D23 Expo this afternoon to help announce the plans to expand Disneyland’s Fantasyland. Dubbed, Fantasy Faire, the Carnation Plaza Gardens will be transformed into a village square, similar to how Fantasyland currently appears. The area seems to be taking heavy inspiration from the movie Tangled and will feature a ‘Tangled Tower’ at the center of the square. The village will be used as an entertainment area and will include a ‘Royal Ribbon Parade’ and many opportunities for guests to interact and meet their favorite Disney Princess.
The Fantasy Faire will retain a stage area for live music and dancing.

A time frame for the start of construction or completion has not yet been announced, but as more information is released we will keep you updated!

Here is some of the concept art that was released on the Disney Parks Blog today following the D23 announcement.

Rendering of new Fantasy Faire Experience Coming to Disneyland Park

Rendering of New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Stage at Fantasy Faire

Rendering of the Royal Ribbon Festival at Fantasy Faire

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