Recently John Lasseter, the creative mind behind Pixar and now the Principle Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering talked with about the up coming movie, Cars 2.  In that conversation Lasseter spoke a bit on some of the details we’ll see in Cars Land, including references to Cars 2 and expansion of Flo’s.  Here’s what he had to say when he was asked if Cars Land would have characters from Cars 2.

Q: Are there any characters or themes from “Cars 2” that will appear in “Cars Land” and how is that coming along?
Most of “Cars Land” was designed around the first “Cars” because “Cars 2” was further out and things had to be kind of set a while ago. But what we’re doing is, in Guido and Luigi’s, they have a fantastic ride. In the queue area you go through the shop and we’re planning to have one of the rooms completely full of all the memorabilia from the trip they took that was “Cars 2,” around the world. So there’s going to be a lot of that. There will be memorabilia from it. We actually took things that were happening in “Cars Land” and brought it into Radiator Springs in this. Flo’s has expanded. We went ahead and took the design that I helped work on for “Cars Land” and brought it into “Cars 2.” It’s funny, you don’t quite see it but it’s there. Then Mater’s ride is all his memorabilia from all the “Cars Toons” that are kind of in the queue area. That’s going to be fun. But we’re trying to bring it all in, like bits and pieces of this.


Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park is currently under construction and is expected to open the summer of 2012.  See pictures of Cars Land construction from this past weeks photo update here, and keep track of California Adventure’s extreme makeover here!