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Crowd Predictions

Disneyland Resort Crowd Predictions are brought to you each week by TouringPlans.com, using a scale of 1 to 10, the information they provide will help you better plan your trip to the Disneyland Resort or the Walt Disney World Resort.

Another busy spring week at the Disneyland Resort; expect things to only get worse as we approach the Easter holiday. We had researchers submitting wait times in the parks every day of the week, and were aided by our fabulous Disneyland Lines App users. Last year, here’s what our statistical team measured for the upcoming week (note that last year this was the week after Easter Weekend, one of the busiest times of year):

Date Overall Disneyland DCA
Monday, Apr. 11, 2010 9 / 10 9.1 / 10 8.9 / 10
Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2010 9 / 10 7.5 / 10 8.9 / 10
Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2010 9 / 10 7.6 / 10 8.9 / 10
Thursday, Apr. 14, 2010 8 / 10 7.2 / 10 8.8 / 10
Friday, Apr. 15, 2010 9 / 10 8.1 / 10 9.5 / 10
Saturday, Apr. 16, 2010 10 / 10 9.0 / 10 9.6 / 10
Sunday, Apr. 17, 2010 10 / 10 9.1 / 10 9.5 / 10

Crowds increase from last week as we approach the busy Easter Week. Expect crowds of Crowd Level 9 or higher most of the week:

  • Both weekend days will be incredibly busy, with full Annual Pass blockouts on Saturday and crowds measuring a full 10 out of 10 on the Crowd Calendar both Saturday and Sunday.
  • The best day, relatively speaking, to visit Disneyland and DCA will be Thursday.
  • Most of the week, DCA will be busier than Disneyland, with the exception of Monday.

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Star Tours  & Star Trader

The new paint job around Star Tours was unveiled last week.

This week we are getting our first look at the Star Tours – The Adventures Continue sign as well as the newly painted facade of the Star Trader retail store.

The new marque has a “3D” effect, right fully so, with the background depressed into the sign and the “Star Tours” flush with the border.  It creates a very nice look, that will probably look amazing lit up at night.
The sign that faces in towards Tomorrowland has a bezel installed with a very subtle engraving on the top.
Of course this is nowhere near done and I’m sure the engraving, seen below, will be more visible when the marque is completed.
“From The Creative Forces of Disney and George Lucas” also appeared on the previous Star Tours sign.
The covering that was used for the original Star Tours fastpass location has been removed.
This area will undoubtedly become part of the queue as the new location for fastpass distribution will be next to Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters.
Concept art for the new Star Tours costumes was released on the internal Disney Cast Member web portal called “The Hub” last week, and quickly leaked out all over the internet.
The costumes retain some of the orange from the former “jump suit” look.  Notice the Star Speeder 1000 in the background.
This week also saw many rumors circulating about Cast Member previews and soft openings and we think we might have the dates nailed down.  Read More Here
Star Tours 2 Costumes
The Star Trader has received the same updated paint scheme as the neighboring Star Tours.  The Star Trader is a large retail store which also serves as the attraction exit for Star Tours.
The lines here are much more subtle than the ones over at Star Tours, and the neon space Mickey’s will remain part of the marquee!
The upper area remains the same copper paint scheme from the failed 1998 Tomorrowland redo.  These two colors are seen clashing all over Tomorrowland, and I don’t believe we’ll see it go away any time soon.
The same blues and copper can be seen across the way at the Tomorrowland Terrace as well.
Copper and Blue is everywhere.  Star Tours is on the right, Buzz Lightyear on the left.  I think some new paint on Buzz might be in order now.
I have no words for this area…

Main Street

The tarps have come down again in front of the Emporium and Crystal Arcade.  It’s not clear if the refurbishment is completed or if the tarps were removed because of the impending storm (which never really showed up) on Friday night.

Snow White’s Grotto

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Snow White’s Grotto.  The history behind this area is very neat.

From the Disney Parks Blog:

On April 9, 1961, Walt Disney dedicated the Snow White Grotto, a tranquil spot in Disneyland park you won’t want to miss. Located at the eastern end of the moat around Sleeping Beauty Castle, its quaint wishing well has launched millions of wishes into the world. Do you know the the story behind this serene locale, and how it began with a problem of proportions?

The white, marble figurines depicting Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs arrived anonymously from Italy as a gift for Walt Disney. They were exquisite, but every statue was roughly the same height. How would Snow White, the princess, project her royal presence if she was no taller than Dopey?

Walt Disney was determined to find a way to include the figurines within Disneyland park. As the story goes, Disney designer John Hench was perplexed when Walt first gave him the figurines to display. Then he found an ingenious and elegant solution. The major elements of the scene were scaled to create the illusion of distance and height and Snow White was placed at the top of the diorama, where she stands majestically above the scene. This created a forced perspective. Viewed from the adjacent footbridge, Snow White appears perfectly proportioned in relation to her friends.

Hench did such a magical job creating the scene that three other Disney Parks have since incorporated the montage – disproportion and all – in their Castle forecourts.

The soundtrack at Snow White Grotto includes chiming bells, woodland creatures and the voice of Snow White from the original movie. In 1983, as part of the New Fantasyland opening, Adriana Castelotti recreated her performance of “I’m Wishing” from the Oscar-winning 1937 film. Snow White sings throughout the day in the Grotto and even this feature has a magical quality as listeners hear the voice of the princess float out over the waterfall, then echo back from the Wishing Well.

Throughout the years, guests have tossed pennies and small coins into the well, along with their wishes. They may not realize that making their own wish also grants a wish. For decades, the money collected in the Wishing Well has been donated to children’s charities. Inscribed on the well is the sentiment: “Your wishes will help children everywhere.”

Character Corner

One of the most magical parts of Disneyland is running into celebrities; Disney celebrities of course.

Ariel was found walking between Snow White’s Castle and Carnation Plaza Gardens

The rare Fairy Godmother was spotted closer to the grotto…
…and Donald over at the Opera House on Main Street.

Disney California Adventure

Main Entrance

The new California Adventure main entrance is taking shape.  The three rounded off levels are now visible.

Buena Vista Street & The Carthay Circle Theater

The most exciting news continues to be the Carthay Circle Theater, and this week we have a peak behind the construction walls as well!

See the crane in action as pieces of the Carthay Circle Theater are hoisted into place.
[yframe url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYXKq3RMEIA]
The crews were very active on Friday morning, making for a very loud but exciting entrance into the park.
The new park icon will be a big one!
It’s current height is already visible outside of the park, and by looking at the concept art below you can see that it may become even taller!
As we take a peak behind the construction walls of Buena Vista Street we find the forms for the new fountain.
As the Red Car Trolley tracks encompass the art deco sculpture, the new fountain will become a centerpiece for Buena Vista Street.  Featuring several types of water jets, glass and references to the nearby Carthay Circle Theater, the new Fountain will help make the area visually stunning to newly arriving park guests.
Concept art from the Blue Sky Cellar
The concept art below will help you visualize the new location of the fountain, Carthay Circle Theater and the Red Car Trolley.

Cars Land

The steal and mesh that makes up Cadillac Range is almost filled in.  We may only get one more look at the internal structure of the Cars Land backdrop.

The view from Mickey’s Fun Wheel.
We still remain very curious on just how Disney will deal with the back of Cadillac Range.  No matter what is done here it will be visible to guests.
Cozy Cone Motel, Luigi’s Casa Dela Tires, Flo’s V8 Cafe
Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree
Some of the detail can be seen on Luigi’s Casa Dela Tires.  The corners of the building are accented with tire posts.
The building will serve as an entry point and queue for Luigi’s Flying Tires.
Blue Sky Cellar concept art for Luigi’s Casa Dela Tires
As DCA opened on Friday I wondered if I was looking into the future.  Guests shoulder to shoulder, all headed towards Cars Land.

Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Most of the work over at the Little Mermaid attraction has moved to exterior details, the landscaping and walkway around the building as well as the interior work.  With a little less than 9 weeks before it opens to the general guests, the attraction has moved in the final testing stages!  Recently John Lasseter reportedly rode the attraction and was so impressed with the effects, he asked for the attraction to be slowed down so that guests could spend more time enjoying it.

Goofy’s Sky School, Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta and Paradise Garden Grill

A new (to the area) lemonade stand has appeared just outside of the Golden Zephyr.  Not a very good fit for this area.

The water tower/ sign for Goofy’s Sky School
Goofy’s Sky School was seeing a lot of activity on Friday.
Previously, the “holes” in the walls where the coaster zoomed by were made to look like the cars crashed though.  It now appears rounded and may be a cloud theme.
The trees around the former Corn Dog Castle have moved in and are in concrete planters.  These trees will provide much needed shade in this area.
Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta
Looks like a new structure has popped up.
Area artwork from the Blue Sky Cellar

Downtown Disney

Blink, the “denim experts” pop-up store has opened at Downtown Disney.

Disneyland Hotel

While renovation continues on the last tower at the Disneyland Hotel, the central area remains under heavy construction as well.

The gentle sound of saws, equipment and hammers is amplified by the way these three hotel towers and convention center are placed.  The area is very loud and I can’t help but feel for the guests who were trying to relax by the pool while listening to all this racket.  I’m sure some just opted to return to their overpriced hotel room instead.

The entire first floor of the Dreams Tower is closed off and under construction.  Guests in this tower are forced to use the southern most elevator near the wedding gazebo to exit the building.  To make matters worse, the construction walls near the not-yet-opened Tangaroa Terrace restaurant force guests staying in this tower to walk all the way around it to access the pool.
The new monorail inspired slide has received one of the two monorail coverings.

Around the Resort

Even though Friday was forecasted for rain, it was a beautiful day.  It remained cold, but clear, blue skies made for some very nice pictures around the Resort.

It was clear enough to see past Cadillac Range to Angel Stadium and on to the Cleveland National Forest.

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See You At Disneyland!