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California Adventure Entrance

Work is continuing on the new California Adventure entrance.  This week we see all four of the new spires up and covered.  The sides are rounded off and the entire structure is really starting to take shape.

Learn the history behind the influence for the new design

California Adventure Entrance Construction 1

California Adventure Entrance Construction 2

California Adventure Entrance Construction 3

The view from inside the park.

California Adventure Entrance Construction 4

Buena Vista Street

The wooden structure that we showed you last week has taken on a more art deco look and now appears be covered in concrete.  The design is period specific with the Carthay Theater and may just be the beginning of it’s visible and vertical construction.

California Adventure, Buena Vista Street Construction

Disney Theater / Disney Junior

Disney Junior, the replacement show to Playhouse Disney, opened up this week. The show itself hasn’t changed much, except for a new segment to represent a cartoon on the Disney Channel, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

The entrance lighting, seen as blue below, was lit this weekend.  The lights change every few minutes from blue, red, green and yellow.  The large marque, Disney Theater sign and radio tower are still not lit.  Sources tell Disneyland News Live that TDA is still putting final touches on the sequence and a few problems have arisen with the neon itself.  Don’t be surprised if the lighting and color sequence changes a few more times.

California Adventure, Disney Theater, Disney Junior

Disney Junior targets a much larger audience than the show’s predecessor, ages 2 – 7 vs 2 – 5.

The shows are preformed daily at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 2:15, 3:15, 4:15.

California Adventure, Disney Theater, Disney Junior Times

Animation Building

The big story at DCA this week is the new movie sequence at the Animation Building.

The Movies that loop in the lobby have not been updated since the park opened, and the refresh touches up the segments that were kept and adds some new favorites that have debuted in the 10 years since California Adventure opened.

California Adventure, Animation Building

The New Finding Nemo Scene.

To see photographs and video from every new scene head over to the Animation Building Footage article

Cars Land

Every week the work moves more from right to left.

The rocks fill in the frame on the left…as the rocks get painted on the right.  This area is huge and because of the current lack of buildings in the former Sunshine Plaza area, it can be seen from the front of the park.

California Adventure, Cars Land Construction 1

The “butte” that Radiator Springs Racers will zoom around is now covered with scaffolding and will soon receive the rock covering.

California Adventure, Cars Land Construction 2

Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Painting has begun on the Rotunda

California Adventure, Little Mermaid Construction 1

Weeping willow trees have moved into place on the west side of the building.  These types of trees can be seen in the “Kiss The Girl” scene in the Little Mermaid film.  Nice touch!

California Adventure, Little Mermaid Construction 2

California Adventure, Little Mermaid Construction 3

Goofy’s Sky School

The water tower/ sign for Goofy’s Sky School has been framed in.  We should see finishing work here in the next few weeks.

California Adventure, Goofys Sky School 1

Scaffolding has popped back up around the ride structure.

We believe that Goofy’s Sky School will open on June 3rd, along with Little Mermaid and Star Tours, read more here

California Adventure, Goofys Sky School 2

California Adventure, Goofys Sky School 3

Boardwalk Pizza Pasta, Paradise Garden Grill and Bayside Brews

We are keeping our fingers crossed that this area will open in June as well, although nothing has been announced, we remain hopeful.  There is a lot of work to get done here still.

The building’s exterior is looking good, however it hasn’t seemed to have changed much in the past two weeks.  The interior work most likely hasn’t started yet either.

California Adventure, Boardwalk Pizza Pasta Construction 1

California Adventure, Boardwalk Pizza Pasta Construction 2

The framing for what we believe to be Bayside Brews has poped up right next to Silly Symphony Swings.

California Adventure, Bayside Brews Construction 1

Workers were doing finishing work on the new concrete that will be the walkway/ parade route.

California Adventure, Boardwalk Pizza Pasta Construction 3


Main Street

The very nice looking photo tarps still remain on the Emporium and Crystal Arcade buildings, see pictures from last week, and the walls that were around the planters at the Opera House are down.

The planters received some TLC

Disneyland, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Toontown Station

Disneyland, Toontown Station 1

The exit ramp is under refurbishment.  For now the handicap entrance on the west side is being used for exit of all passengers as well as entrance for wheelchairs and ECV’s.  This is causing a bit of a bottle neck where guests needing the ramp to board are trying to enter while the lone Cast Member is trying to help riders disembark.  All the while the ambulatory guests are trying to exit the same gate.  It’s a bit of a headache for the poor Cast Member that appeared to be all alone attempting to orchestrate this dance.  I think he/ she could use some help.

Disneyland, Toontown Station 2

Over in Tomorrowland the X-Wing that has hung in the second story of the Star Trader since 1989 has disappeared.  Rumors are that it will be repurposed in the new Star Trader when it reopens at the end of May.

Disneyland, Starcade, Missing X-Wing


Innoventions hasn’t received much attention here on Disneyland News Live, but this week it will!

It seems that traffic has been reversed in the spinning building.  You currently enter in through the exit and up the ramp.

Disneyland, Innoventions, Temporary Entrance 1

Disneyland, Innoventions, Temporary Entrance 2

Where the exit now welcomes you in!

Disneyland, Innoventions, Temporary Entrance 3

Anybody know of a sponsor they can sell space to?

Disneyland, Innoventions, Empty Space

The House of the Future is a showcase of things you can purchase at your local Best Buy.  Not very futuristic, however you can now play XBox Kinect

Disneyland, Innoventions, XBox Connect 1

Sure does beat going upstairs where you can still get some time in on a PS2…seriously!

Disneyland, Innoventions, XBox Connect 2

The area that is usually the entrance is temporally the exit.  New sets are being installed and Cast Members are being trained on revised scrips.

Disneyland, Innoventions, Temporary Entrance 4

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides Sneak Peek

The Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides 3D Sneak Peek started this past Friday in the Festival Arena area in Disneyland.  Currently the show runs Friday – Sunday starting around 7:45 (or dusk) and cycles every 30 minutes.  Friday, opening night was exceptionally busy.  Guests began to line up around 5pm and by 7pm, the line stretched all the way to the rear of Dumbo.  This meant the line was blocking the entrance to Big Thunder Ranch, both the exit and entrance to Casey Jr as well as some other outdoor vending and walkways.  TDA could be seen walking up and down the line with puzzled and shocked looks on their faces while they tried to figure out how to coral the crowd.  Eventually they set up cast members to create breaks in the line at intersections and began to queue guests the opposite direction down towards Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Eventually they got it under control.  Hey, it’s Disneyland they are use to handling crowds and long lines, and Saturday night was much better.  There was an initial surge of guests again Saturday, but it died down in the evening where the wait time was only about 15 minutes.  The show does close during the fireworks, however we noticed a low in crowds during Fantasmic! and World of Color.

Film equipment is not allowed inside the area.  Disneyland had signs, cast members reminding the crowds, and pamphlets being handed out in the various parking lots as guests arrived, letting them not to take pictures or video of anything inside.  This includes the small pre-show where pirates are essentially yelling at the crowd and encouraging them to sing, “Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me!”

I suspect the MPAA on this one!

Disneyland, Pirates 3D Sneak Peak 1

An interactive parrot talks with guests who are waiting

Disneyland, Pirates 3D Sneak Peak, Parrot

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPQmrD6wHpk’]

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuDxVlK3uAE’]

Around the Resort

Over at Grizzly River Run, the large grizzly bear’s ore has received a makeover.  At some point in the last few weeks, after the refurbishment, it was repainted to apear wooden.  A welcome improvement over the all yellow version.

California Adventure, Grizzly River Run Bear

Signage has appeared for Blink, the new denim store that will take over the former Anne Geddes store in Downtown Disney.

Read More Here

Downtown Disney, Blink

Temporary signage for Sanuk has also appeared where the Basin store was located.

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Downtown Disney, Sanuk

Disneyland, Yoda, Must Be This Tall To Ride

Disneyland, Hub, Minnie Mouse Statue

That should do it for this week!

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