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What a difference a week can make

This week we are going to mix things up a bit and start off with California Adventure and then head over to Disneyland.

These pictures were taken on Saturday, March 12, 2011.  You can click on any picture to view it larger

| California Adventure Entrance | Buena Vista Street | Hollywood Backlot | Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure | Route 66/ Paradise Pier | Goofy’s Sky School & Boardwalk Area | Cars LandRivers of America | Critter Country | Around the Resort |

California Adventure Entrance

The Entrance to California Adventure went vertical last week, and this week we see the construction moving along.  Workers, welders and equipment were seen working all day Saturday.

DCA Entrance Construction

This forklift was moving, what looked like the cover material, into place.

DCA Entrance Construction 2

DCA Entrance Construction 3

DCA Entrance Construction 4

DCA Entrance Construction 5

Construction workers welding on the west side of the entrance.

DCA Entrance Construction 6

The welders are covered by tarps to prevent hot slag from flying into the line of guests below.

DCA Entrance Construction 7

DCA Entrance Construction 8

Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street Construction 1

The large pile of dirt that was visible moving from one side to the other is now gone.  This is leading us to believe that the excavation and infrastructure work is near completion and we should begin to see vertical construction soon.

Buena Vista Street Construction 2

Meanwhile, the walls have been slightly moved.  Walls are now on both sides of the corridor.  This entire area will close off in June

Buena Vista Street Construction 3

A framed ‘wall’ can be seen about where the old sun fountain use to be.

Buena Vista Street Construction 4

Hollywood Backlot

The old Playhouse Disney building, now the Disney Theater, has begun to receive new paint.  A very nice, art deco sign has appeared as well as a radio tower for the new show Disney Junior Live on Stage.

Disney Theater

Disney Theater 2

The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Under Sea Adventure

Perhaps the most excitement this week comes from Paradise Pier.  The Little Mermaid building is no longer under scaffolding and tarps.  The full majesty of the attraction building has been unveiled and is causing quite a bit of excitement!

Little Mermaid Construction 1

Little Mermaid Construction 2

Little Mermaid Construction 3


Little Mermaid Construction 4

Under the archway is an impressive amount of lighting that will look amazing at night.  And a closer look reveals what could be projectors or lights that could create an “under the sea” effect in the area.

Little Mermaid Construction 5

Little Mermaid Construction 6

Little Mermaid Construction 7

Little Mermaid Construction 8

The rotunda is receiving it’s extreme makeover.  This rotunda is the only piece that remains from the original Golden Dreams Theater.

Little Mermaid Construction 9

Little Mermaid Construction 10

Little Mermaid Construction 11

Little Mermaid Construction 12

Little Mermaid Construction 13

Little Mermaid Construction 14

Little Mermaid Construction 15

Route 66/ Paradise Pier

The former Route 66 area is receiving attention and should be complete by the June 3rd opening of Little Mermaid

Route 66 Construction 1

The New Walkway/ Parade Route

Route 66 Construction 3

Goofy’s Sky School/ Boardwalk Area

Speaking of June 3rd, We got a tip on what the opening date might be for Goofy’s Sky School.  No official announcement has been made, but we received information that an internal Cast Member publication listed the opening date as June 3rd!  Read More Here

Goofy's Sky School Entrance Construction

Boardwalk Construction 1

Boardwalk Construction 2

Cars Land

Work Continues on next years big story

Cars Land Construction 1

Cars Land Construction 2

Cars Land Construction 3

Sometime next year, this gate will be removed and this will become the east entrance to Cars Land

Cars Land Construction 4


Rivers of America

Last weekend saw the cancellation of Fantasmic! on both Saturday and Sunday nights.  It seams that while the Columbia was being placed into the maintenance dock a track switch was not fully engaged and some damage was done.  With both the Columbia and Mark Twain unable to make the trip around the river, the cancellation of Fantasmic! was forced.  Divers were seen in the water shortly after the incident as well as throughout the week attempting to make repairs.

But as of this weekend the problem had been corrected and both the Columbia and Mark Twain were back out making their voyages around the Rivers of America


Columbia Bow

With the reopening of Critter Country this week, the canoes were back out for excursions.  It was great to see all the river traffic again.

Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes

The guests on the stern of the Mark Twain were intrigued by the canoe that was attempting to catch up with the paddle wheeler.

Mark Twain

“Come on, we can catch up to her”

Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes 2

Saturday was a busy day at Disneyland and with the unplanned and sudden closure of both Indiana Jones Adventure and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for a few hours, the queue for the nearby Pirates of the Caribbean swelled to 60 minutes.  Here is a picture of the queue stretching all the way to the French Market!

Pirates Extended Queue

Critter Country

You’ll remember that a few weeks ago all of Critter Country closed for “Refurbishment”.  It was speculated that it closed because the already closed Hungry Bear Restaurant and Splash Mountain made it a ghost town, thereby making operating costs a liability.  However Disneyland stated that it was for an “already scheduled refurbishment” that was moved up a time line.

Well now that the “land” is open again, saved for Splash Mountain and Hungry Bear Restaurant, what has changed?  Nothing that I could see.  I walked around the area for quite some time and I couldn’t see anything too significant…Did you?

The Hungry Bear Restaurant remains closed, but the restrooms are open below.  They have been completely refurbished and are more specific to the area.

I wasn’t going to take pictures of the inside of a restroom, so you’ll have to visit yourself or just take my word for it!

Hungry Bear Restaurant 1

Hungry Bear Restaurant 2

Winnie the Pooh is back open again, with a 10 minute wait!

Winnie The Pooh

Splash Mountain is still under refurbishment and will not reopen until May 26

Splash Mountain Entrance

The flume that takes guests from the front of the attraction to the show building is under tarps and scaffolding

Splash Mountain Refurbishment

Critter Country is a very beautiful area of the park.  Although small, it remains peaceful and cool, even on the warmest days.

Critter Country

Critter Country 2





Around the Resort

The Heraldry Shoppe is back open in Fantasyland.

Heraldry Shoppe

A Great guest interaction occurred just as I was walking out of the Heraldry Shoppe.  Peter Pan and Captain Hook were playing around in Fantasyland and interacting with kids and guests.

Peter Pan & Captain Hook

The video below is worth the few minutes.  The kid that interacts with Peter Pan is hilarious.  Very cute!

Downtown Disney is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration on March 17.  You will be able to enjoy Irish folk singing, special food and merchandise, as well as a scavenger hunt through Downtown Disney.

St Paddys DTD Sign

The Downtown Disney Monorail Station exit stairs are almost completed.

DTD Monorail Stairs Refurb

These next few pictures are from last week that didn’t make it into the previous update.

The World of Disney store in Downtown Disney recently renovated the “plush room”.  Gone is the giant Alice figure.  She has been replaced with murals of famous stories and more space for merchandise.

World of Disney Plush Refurb

World of Disney Plush Refurb 2

Last weekend also saw large crowds, partly because of the United Spirit Association (USA) Junior Spirit Nationals that was being held at Downtown Disney.

DTD USA Cheer Event

A complex of tents were set up consuming the entire Lilo parking lot.

DTD USA Cheer Event 2

DNL?  Who would have known that Disneyland News Live would have it’s own Monorail?

DNL Monorail

Well that should do it for this week.

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See You At Disneyland!