Let The Memories Begin

As we enter into the last weekend of January, we see the launch of a new promotion and the continuation of extensive refurbishments that led to the closure of an entire area of the park!

Of course, the newest promotion, “Let The Memories Begin,” started yesterday, January 27th.

And the esplanade is adorned with promotional banners

Main Street Repaving Project

Main Street has become “Wall Street” due to a repaving project that is being done in sections.  The work should be completed in the first week of March, just in time for the new parade!

“Star Tours, The Adventures Continue”

Not much can be seen on the exterior of Star Tours, but the interior is nearly completed and testing should start soon.

Installation of the new “Magic on the Water” exhibit in The Disney Gallery.  Disney has given us January 29th as the scheduled opening date.

Critter Country Closure

Over in Critter Country, the entire land has been walled off!  It started with Splash Mountain’s extended refurbishment, along with the Hungry Bear Restaurant. However, Wednesday Disney moved up a refurbishment planned for later in the year for the remaining area in order to more efficiently complete all the projects.

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The large gate between the shops and Splash Mountain is an important evacuation route.  Instead of walls, these are more like gates that could be opened in case of an emergency where guests needed to be evacuated from the park.  It is also serving as a route for cast members and equipment.

The level of detail that goes into Disneyland is apparent with these refurbishments.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the “Let The Memories Begin” promotion, and the start of a new show, “The Magic, The Memories and You”.  (Read More On The Show Here).  I’m sure that because of this, you’ll see some very memorable character moments like this one from Thursday afternoon.

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