So much happened this year, we decided to break up our “2010, Year In Review”  into 2 articles.  The second is located here.  So enjoy  a recap of the biggest stories on Disneyland News Live from January 2010 – June of 2010!

We start our year in review at a look back at the rain storms of January 2010.  Very surreal, considering as I write this it’s been raining for 4 days with still 2 more in the forecast.  About 11 months ago Disneyland saw some significant flooding of a few attractions and streets in the park.  We even saw the park close early on a regular basis during stormy and slow attendance days in January and February.  Read The Full Article Here

To the dismay of so many fans of the long running Disney’s Electrical Parade, it was packed up in February and moved to Walt Disney World.  With the logistics of the heavy construction that Disney California Adventure was about to see, along with the soon-to-debut World of Color. It would have been impossible to have the show run and it made more sense to move it to Florida for their Summer Nightastic! promotion.  The big question on everyone’s mind…is it coming back?  We still don’t know!  Read The Full Article Here

In February something pretty big happened at Disneyland.  A former attraction came back to greet a whole new generation of guests and fans. This also gave those of us who remember Captain EO from the late 80’s and 90’s the opportunity to experience it again – some of us with our children now.  Read The Full Article On The Announcement Here.  And despite your opinion on the use of the new motion floor or the lack of some of the special effects from the original run of the show, guests and fans of Michael Jackson came out in droves.  Some lining up before midnight the night before the opening.  Read The Full Article Here.

In May a video popped up on the tubes showing off a new Mickey character.  This new, and impressive, Mickey character was not only able to blink and move his mouth but he was also able to do it to a timed recording of Mickey’s voice talking and interacting to guests.  The results were impressive and the Mickey would be used later in the year for a more “hip” show. See The Video Here

Also in May a very loved, and outdated attraction closed for a lengthily refurbishment.  Star Tours would get a complete makeover!  Including some very welcome new technological advancements.  Read The Full Article Here.  A few months after the closure, Disney gave us a few clues into where we might travel on the new attraction.  Here is one of the videos that will play in the new queue.

On a sad note, a true Disney legend passed away in May.  Art Linkletter, who shared his birthday with Disneyland and helped to open the park with Walt himself, moved on to the next life at age 97.  Read The Full Article Here

This year saw a lot of changes for the better at Disney California Adventure.  Not only did we see a name “tweak” (More Here), but we also received an attraction makeover for the former Orange Stinger.  The Silly Symphony Swings were a welcome change to Paradise Pier!  Read The Full Article Here.

The World of Color!  Not much more needs to be said about this giant and amazing leap forward for Disney California Adventure.  For a few years we all witnessed the construction of this giant show and in February videos of the testing began to leak out on the Internet.  One favorite spot to catch a glimpse was the top floor of the Paradise Pier Hotel, another on the public balcony of the Grand Californian Hotel – (yours truly was escorted off of that particular spot). Finally on June 11, 2010, it debuted to guests.  Some lined up as early as 9pm the night before!  Read The Full Article On The Opening Here.  And of course we had to look back at the “show” that for one season called Paradise Bay home, LuminAria.  Even though both shows were created by the same Immagineer, Steve Davison, the budget differences are stark.  Watch a video of the LuminAria HERE and I promise, you’ll gain respect and excitement for the new direction that California Adventure is headed in.

World of Color was grand, but the sleeper hit of the Summer was without a doubt Glow Fest.  The night time party held in the Hollywood Backlot was a push for the World of Color, and meant as a sort of “consolation prize” for those who didn’t get a FastPass to see the water show, but it became a huge hit!  Glow Fest was so big that Disney followed it up with the currently running replacement, ElecTRONica.  Read The Full Article Here.

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