In November we saw the return of the Holiday season and learned of the cancellation of a very popular special event at California Adventure.  We also welcome the return of Randi from Beachside Photography to share some of her childhood Christmas traditions and how she is helping to make some Disneyland memories for her little ones.

2010 Candy Cane Schedule – The famous Disneyland handmade candy canes are back!  We have the dates and the procedure you need to follow, yes there is actually a procedure!

Holiday Traditions – Disneyland News Live contributor, Randi is back with her memories of Holiday traditions from her childhood and the traditions that are becoming part of her children’s lives through the Disneyland Resort.

The Holiday’s Return To Disneyland – As many of you know, the Holidays are in full swing at the Disneyland Resort.  We have the complete run down of events and shows to help you enjoy one of the most magical times of the year.

Last Chance To Celebrate – We said goodbye to “Celebrate…A Street Party”

Food & Wine Festival Canceled…Maybe indefinitely – This one caused a huge uproar.  Disney has canceled the Food & Wine festival at DCA for the next two years citing the construction, but is there more to it than that?

Your Thoughts On Food & Wine Cancellation – Because of the huge flood of twitter posts and emails we received, we asked you to post/ vent your frustration with the sudden cancellation of the event.

Pixar Play Parade on Hiatus – Following the announcement of the Food & Wine Festival cancellation, Disney confirmed that the Pixar Play Parade would be on “hiatus” following the Holiday season.

TRON coming to Tomorrowland? – WDI (Walt Disney Immagineering) has been given the green light to explore a TRON themed E-Ticket attraction for Disneyland.

Fastpass Machines Now Give Out Quarters? – Use your ticket/ passport to get more than a FastPass, you could get a free game token for use at Flynn’s Arcade!