A new 10 minute stage show debuted this week at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot at DCA. (More Info Here)  The Disney Dance Crew uses hip hop style Disney music combined with the new talking Mickey Mouse Character to attract guests.  The reception has been lack luster and it reflects what DCA is about (prior to the makeover).  It feels like a set back to see a non-themed show enter an area of the park that is suppose to be slowly making it’s way to a 20’s themed HollywoodLand.  Haven’t seen the show yet?  Here’s a video.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Erin

    I saw the show today. No need to see it again. The music and the hip hop dj are overly annoying. The Mickey head is pretty cool though

  • Disney Resort

    The Mickey talking head technology is the only thing good about this show. So let’s talk about the show itself…how in the world did Disney Entertainment think a GHETTO Mickey would be the right thing to do? Watch the video and you’ll see. It’s absolutely horrible. The iconic Mickey Mouse character doesn’t deserve to be reduced to Gangsta S_ _ _!