The first scene to be added to the World of Color show at Disney California Adventure park is one from TRON: Legacy. It is no secret that Disney has been hyping the sequel to the 1982 film, with the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area becoming a huge TRON themed dance party on weekend nights (Read more on ElecTRONica), and if your a regular reader here on DNL you’ll also know that the TRON scene was in the works to be added to the show (more here). Last night the 2 minute and 15 second addition “soft opened” at the end of the World of Color show. The addition includes a clip from the film as well as some impressive effects not only on the giant water screens but also on the California Screamin’ roller coaster and the Mickey’s Fun Wheel attraction. It is very impressive and was a definite crowd pleaser as Disney is creating a lot of buzz around the film, set to release December 17th.

What are your thoughts about TRON: Legacy being added to the World of Color show? Do you think TRON is taking over at DCA, or is it a great addition?