This fall Disney California Adventure Park will debut the successor to this past summer’s wildly successful Glow Fest with a dance party fashioned after the movie TRON: Legacy.

Glow Fest was never intended to be a major part of Nightastic! but simply something that TDA (Team Disney Anaheim) thought was necessary for overflow crowds and promotion of World of Color.  See a video on Glow Fest.  It was such an afterthought that the production of the show was contracted out to a third party vendor and was not ran by the Disney Entertainment Department; which to my understanding stepped on quite a few toes.  As the surveys started to roll in around mid summer, as well as the sales from merchandise and alcohol, it had become clear that Glow Fest was a hit.  Glow Fest has been extended through Labor Day.

Disney, and the Entertainment Department are now in charge and they want to follow up on Glow Fest with something very similar.  So in good Disney fashion ElecTRONica will rock guests in the Hollywood Pictures back lot area of Disney California Adventure starting October 8th.   Expect some the elements of Glow Fest to carry over; Music, lasers, lights, food and “beverage” (it’s not clear if this is a reference to alcohol but it’s a safe bet).  For ElecTRONica you can also expect a recreation of Flynn’s Arcade, which should help make it more family friendly than Glow Fest was.  It seems that with this announcement Disney is really pushing the “family experience” with ElecTRONica and that is a welcome sight as most families stayed out of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot this summer as young adults danced and Glow Fest bars overflowed with alcohol.  Read a past story on an 20 year old inebriated guest who fell 20 feet  while in line for the Tower of Terror.

ElecTRONica will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at Disney California Adventure, and will run nightly during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week.

“TRON: Legacy” is due for theatrical release on December 17, 2010

Source: Disney Parks Blog (link)