This Monday was a day of goodbyes at Disney California Adventure and Disneyland.  Some of what guests said goodbye to yesterday will return, but most will not.  The next big step in the Disney California Adventure Billion Dollar Makeover is taking place.  Last time around we said goodbye to “Golden Dreams”, “The Sun Wheel” and “The Orange Stinger”, this time it’s the Maliboomer, Pizza Oom Mow Mow, Bountiful Valley Farms, Sam Andreas Shakes and P.T. Flea Market.

As Paradise Pier transforms into a “seaside amusement playground of the 1900’s” certain current attractions and areas just don’t fit.  Boardwalk Games, Farris Wheels and Roller Coasters can been seen in such an environment but a 180 foot tall shot ride with visible hydraulics, most likely not.  Although you can’t say that early California Adventure designers didn’t try.  They painted number and hash marks up the side of the attraction and affixed a large bell that appeared to be ringing at the top.  The lights rose along with the ride vehicle as it shot to the top.  The intent behind all this was to make it appear to be a gigantic Carnival Hammer Game.  The theme was very poor and the attraction it self is very generic and not very Disney like.  The ride must go!  Yesterday (September 8, 2010) the Maliboomer shot it’s lasts guests skywards and it now waits to be dismantled.  Read an earlier story on the Maliboomer here.

The neighboring Pizza Omm Mow Mow was a restaurant with colored string lights and surfboards.  Trying to tie in with the sea side (non-period specific) theme of the original Paradise Pier, the Restaurant and the area surrounding it will become a large Beer Garden some time in 2011

Labor Day was also the last chance to enjoy the area around Bountiful Valley Farms.  The water play area, P.T. Flea Market, Sam Andreas Shakes and the neighboring fruit cart all closed for good last night.  This area will become the entrance to Carsland and will house the new attraction “Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree“.  The water play area is a great spot for the kids and was an original park attraction.  It was themed to the farming communities that use to surround Disneyland prior to construction in 1955.  The sprinklers resembled farm pivots and the large concrete cylinders the water pumps that are seen on most farms.  Again this area lacked the vision of a Disney theme park and will not be greatly missed in the wake of the new Carsland.  California Adventure has also added a few other water play areas since the opening of the park in 2001, including the near by and better themed “Princess Dot’s Puddle Park” in Bugsland.  Considering Sam Andreas Shakes was rarely open, some guest might not even realized what was in that spot.  P.T. Flea Market was a store with references from a Bugs Life and was mostly a pin store. See a video about Carsland here.

Guests also said goodbye to the sleeper hit of the summer, Glow Fest.  See a video on Glow Fest here.  Glow Fest turned out to be such a hit with park guests that Disney decided to continue the concept of a nightly dance party in the Hollywood Pictures Back-lot area of California Adventure this Fall with ElecTRONica; themed after TRON: A Legacy due in theaters this November.  See a previous story about ElecTRONica here.

Not gone for good, but for now is Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular.  The Broadway style show is on hiatus while the area in front of the Hyperion Theater is under construction for the installation of the Red Car Trolley tracks and a new cast takes over the production of the musical.  The official return date has not been announced as of this writing, however a cast member of the show tells Disneyland News Live that the show will return the weekend of October 8, 2010.  Magical, the Disneyland fireworks show that was part of the Nightastic! celebration has also ended it’s summer run.  Although the show is scheduled to return September 10-12 before “Remember…Dreams Come True” returns as the Disneyland firework show for it’s weekend runs.

The off-season is a welcome site to most visitors of Disneyland as is the continued improvements to Disney California Adventure Park.  You can get information on current closures as well as special events at and around the resort here.  You can also get the current closures, Annual Passport blackout calendars and operating calendars on our mobile site by going to .

See you at Disneyland!