The forecast is calling for hot weather at the Disneyland Resort and even though Southern California is known for it’s mild and great year round weather, we are known to have “heat waves” that can routinely spike into the 100’s in Orange County.  This coupled with the coastal humidity can raise the heat index to a dangerous level for some, especially when you spend all day outside in an amusement park.  The concrete can radiate, the buildings and trees can block breezes and the soda and candy can exacerbate dehydration which could quickly ruin your trip to the happiest place on earth.  However, even in these circumstances you can still enjoy your time at The Disneyland Resort with just a few tips and a bit of planning.

  • Hydrate! The most important thing you can do for yourself.  Only Water is effective with this tip.  Any restaurant will provide a guest with a free cup of ice.  You can then fill with water at any drinking fountain or the filling stations listed below.
  • Avoid Caffeine:  Caffeine (Coffee, Soda) Can actually dehydrate you more.  No alcohol either.
  • Clothing:  Loose fitting, light-colored clothing is the best
  • Sunscreen:  Wear Sunscreen, especially for the kids.  Don’t forget to reapply
  • Take Breaks:  Take breaks in air-conditioned buildings and stores
  • Avoid the Afternoon:  If you can, take the afternoon hours to have lunch in-doors, relax in a hotel lobby or if a guest, return to your room until it cools down a bit.
  • Swim:  Even though your still outdoors, if your a guest at a Hotel with a pool return to cool off during the day. (all three of the Disneyland hotels have pools).
  • Cool Down: Each Park has water play areas that can provide some temporary relief to high temperatures.
    • Tomorrowland (Disneyland), Enjoy the cool mist of the “moonliner” between Red Rocket’s Pizza Port and Innoventions
    • ToonTown (Disneyland), Misting umbrellas across from the Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin ride
    • BugsLand (California Adventure), Princess Dot Puddle Park
    • Condor Flats (California Adventure), Cool mist from the “Cool Your Jets” rocket next to Soari’n Over California
    • Paradise Park (California Adventure), Water Play Area Fountain
    • Water Rides:  Water rides are a fun way to cool down, however lines can exceed 60 minutes routinely on hot days, get your FASTPASS early.
    • If your willing to ride without the rest of your party, you can obtain a “single rider” pass from the cast member at the entrance to the attraction and be placed in the fast pass queue.  These are available for both Grizzly River Run & Splash Mountain.
    • Use a free locker at Grizzly River Run.  Worried about your gear getting drenched while on this great water ride at Disney California Adventure?  You can get 2 hours free at the nearby lockers.  Swipe your debit or credit card and return to claim your gear before the 2 hours are up and you will not be charged.
Paradise Park at Disney California Adventure

Paradise Park at Disney California Adventure


Sure you can wait and purchase bottled water at the resort, but you’ll be shelling out over $3 for a bottle of Dasani.  An easier solution is to bring a reusable travel bottle, or even reuse your empty bottle. There are a number of refilling stations with cold filtered water free for the filling.  Of course drinking fountains work too, but the refilling stations are filtered and taste much better.  They are located in Disneyland at the Plaza Inn Restaurant, Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurant, next to the Mint Julep bar in New Orleans Square and at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

Another tip from a long time Disneylander is to purchase a fan misting water bottle at Wal-Mart or Target prior to entering Disneyland.  Disneyland sells these little wonders for more than your lunch will cost you, but they sell for a fraction of that at an outside store.  Also, bring an umbrella.  They will provide you and your kids with shade that will stay with you all day, hats are great too!

Keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.  They include: red-hot flushed skin, profuse sweating, abdominal cramping, muscle cramps, weakness, and dizziness.  If untreated it can lead to heat stroke which is much more dangerous and can have lasting consequences.  Signs of heat stroke include: All the above, confusion, absent sweatingfainting, and unconsciousness.  If you feel like you have done too much you can always seek help at Disneyland’s First Aid building located on Main Street, between the Plaza Inn and the Photoshop.  Or at Disney California Adventure Park located between Cars Land and Pacific Warf behind Ghiradelli’s.  If you feel you cant make it to one of those locations, then sit on a bench an ask the nearest Cast Member for help.  The First Aid station will send a Disneyland registered nurse out to get you.

And the most important tip I can give you….Know Your Limitations!  I know that a day at Disneyland can be exciting and you want to pack as much as you can into a day, but don’t push yourself in high temperatures and humidity.  It’s better to miss your favorite attraction then to take a trip to the Emergency Room.

Do you have any tips for beating the heat while at The Disneyland Resort? Leave it in the comment section below.