Late Friday (May 28th), Disney released the new commercial for the World of Color, set to open June 11th, but they also released a new logo for “Disney California Adventure Park”.

If you notice, you can see the new logo at the very end of the commercial.  In reference to the new logo, Disney said,  “It’s so new that if you touch the screen, you just might get paint on your fingers.”

  • leslie miller

    I love the new Logo! I love that they are dropping the ‘s. 🙂 Can’t wait for the completion of all the new things at DCA!
    Disney Geek FOREVER!

  • TikiTommy1960

    If its done by Disney its done by the best, there are none better at fonts or anything else graphic or artistic. I still would be very happy to see a little more “Walt” in everything. I love the images of Walt Disney spattered about in the early promotional displays and walls for World of Color . I do believe that as more time goes by they are really going to not represent Walt Disney in the way that he should be remembered and he may disapear all together. How many generations will pass before people say ” Walt who ?” Everything Disney is a product of Walt Disney and for anyone or group to claim individual credit created since Walts passing is ridiculous. There wouldnt be anything to create from or build upon if it wasnt for Walt Disney.