Make sure and catch the Electrical Parade at California Adventure this spring! Disneyland announced on thier blog today (Feb 2nd) that they are excited that the Electrical Parade was going to move to Walt Disney World for the summer season. Of course most of the Disneyland online community isn’t as excited. The move does make sence however. With the opening of World of Color this spring, the large summer crowds and droves of Annual Passholders expected to converge to experience the new “spectacular” I’m sure the loved Electrical Parade would be difficult to run down the parade route. And don’t forget about the construction walls at every turn! So why not just move it next door to Disneyland where most fans believe it belongs? From a marketing standpoint you don’t have to. With the new show at DCA and the normal summer draw at Disneyland the Anaheim property will do just fine, but over at the World they could probably use a bit of a marketing push. The East coasters will probably get the “limmited engagement” and the “once in a lifetime” campaign to get local guests to the Florida park.

In any case, this may be the best summer season that California Adventure has ever seen!