About OC Attractions

DisneylandLive, the precursor to OC Attractions, started as a Twitter feed in 2009 and quickly expanded to a small, modest website the following year. DisneylandLive was started with only one goal: to report live conditions in the parks. At the time, there were few sources which provided this information.

DisneylandLive evolved over the years into a high quality, theme park photography and news blog seeking to cover the most exciting and relevant news and information from attractions around Southern California. While DisneylandLive had a main focus on the Disneyland Resort it also occasionally shared information from Knott’s Berry Farm. In 2016 DisneylandLive became OCAttractions.net. OC Attractions expanded its coverage of Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm with the rest of Orange County and beyond.


The comments system is open on DlandLive.com, but moderated. Here are the simple rules for keeping your comment out of trash bin:

  1. Be constructive. Please stay on topic. I don’t mind debates, I even encourage them, but please stay on topic to the article.
  2. No personal attacks. Do not attack each other, debates … fine, difference of opinion … fine. If you attack someone else your comment will be deleted and repeat attempts may result in being added to the blacklist.
  3. Don’t attack me. I do this for free, I spend a lot of time and effort taking photos, gathering information and putting it into a simple to access archive. Remember, this is a personal blog that is used for news information and archival purposes. There are a lot of Disney blogs out there, if you don’t like mine that’s fine, please find another before leaving derogatory comments.

About Bryan

OC Attractions is operated solely by Bryan Pugh. Bryan grew up in Southern California and has been visiting Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm routinely for over 30 years! In fact, while in high school, Bryan worked at Knott’s Berry Farm in the Park Services department. Bryan also provides all of the beautiful photography for OC Attractions which he has made available for non-commercial use.

In the past, Bryan has contributed both as a writer and photographer to the Disney travel and news site, MousePlanet.com.

If you would like to contact Bryan you can do so here, or on his Twitter account.